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Cosmetology Services

Oxygen Infusion Mesotherapy


A procedure using oxygen flow as an alternative way to deliver beneficial substances to the skin.

Can your skin breathe fresh air?

That’s what the “Red Carpet” treatment on the OXYjet LEO de Luxe is for. It fills your skin with pure, medical-grade oxygen and serums for immediate visible results. That is why celebrities and brides love the procedure.

Wrinkles are smoothed out, jaw lines and cheek lines are defined with a refined texture on the skin that leaves you glowing like no other. The facial begins with a spray mist serum (the machine used resembles an air brush) that injects 84-90% pure oxygen deep into your pores and treats your skin at the cellular level. The oxygen then breaks down molecules, so it is displaced and absorbed by the deeper layers of your skin.

This moisturizing facial is completed with a premium mask to enhance the effect.

A word or two needs to be said about the special lamp. It is not a useless space device, but a device that not only completes the Oxyjet treatment beautifully, but also has a therapeutic effect.