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Ear and Nose Piercing

We offer professional ear and nose piercing in a hygienic salon environment and have a valid piercing licence.

There are a choice of options for placement, styles and finishes, with ring and stud options including gold, stainless steel and titanium and options on from single as single piercing upwards. The Beauty Chain staff use only fully sterilised equipment and are qualified and insured.

We pierce ears from 1 years upwards and only with a parent or legal guardian in attendance (evidence may be requested). Noses start age 14 and only with a parent or legal guardian in attendance (evidence may be requested). Both Ears and noses can be pierced if 18 or over, so please make sure you bring your ID with you if you’re lucky enough to look younger than your age!

Intimate Waxing – Ladies only

In addition to the normal waxing and threading services offered at The Beauty Chain we offer intimate wax treatments for ladies only.

The process includes a consultation on the exact style required and after ensuring you are comfortable, the treatment begins by using a cleansing lotion to the area to be waxed. We then apply a high quality warm wax to remove the unwanted hair to the style requested. Once the waxing has been completed, a soothing after treatment lotion is applied to nourish and calm the skin and to help it recover from the treatment. Your waxing should last around 4 to 6 weeks and other benefits include:
– Elimination of stubble growth
– Hair becomes sparse over time
– Hairs become finer and weaker
– Hair growth slows down
– Skin stays looking naturally smooth longer
– Less return visits required than shaving

We offer a choice of styles including Brazilians and Hollywood
and want you to be relaxed throughout the process so if there are
any questions please ask.

Please Note:
1 – Best results are achieved when the hair to be removed is a minimum 7.5mm – 10mm long so the wax will take to the hair effectively, this hair length is normally present 2 weeks after shaving or 4-6 weeks after the last wax.

2 – For a more relaxing treatment please remember to exfoliate pre-waxing areas the day before visiting The Beauty Chain.

Ear and Nose Piercing & Intimate Waxing for ladies