Types of Piercing and Their Names


Types of Piercing and Their Names

If you’ve been wondering about the different types of nose piercings, you’re in luck. There are three main types: septum, bridge, and philtrum. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, nostril piercings take less time to heal, but septril piercings tend to be more complex and require more time to heal.

Nail piercings are among the most popular, especially for men. Compared to ear piercings, nose piercings do not require much downtime. Moreover, cartilage heals differently than flesh, so it is important to follow the instructions closely. The most common type of nose ring is the nostril ring, which is placed in the nostrils. The cartilage wall between the nostrils and the bottom of the nose is called the septum. A third type of nose studs are eyebrow piercings, which are surface piercings.

Another type of ear piercing is the lobe piercing, which is performed in the bottom portion of the ear. It’s the least painful of all the piercing types, lasting up to six weeks. In addition, a lobe piercing is versatile, as it can be worn in many different ways. A lobe snare can be worn with a variety of jewelry.

Piercing styles

A variety of piercing styles can be difficult to get. The most common types are nose, lip, and tongue. Some people may be allergic to the uvula, so this type of piercing is not recommended for everyone. It can trigger a gag reflex, so it is best to get a professional to perform the procedure. However, there are many different kinds of ear piercings, so if you’re not sure what you want, consider a tattoo instead.

Two of the most common types of piercing are cartilage and earlobe. A lobe piercing is a more traditional choice, but is still a very common piercing. The lobe piercing is not painful, but it can be a bit tender. The tragus ring is the most versatile of the three, as it can be inserted into the ear and be very durable.


There are several different types of piercing. The uvula is the most common type, and is the most common type. It is located in the middle of the ear, where it extends out from the upper lip. The lobe is the most expensive type of ear piercing, but it lasts about six weeks, and it looks great in both cases. The lobe piercing is considered one of the most versatile.

The nose piercing is the most common type of piercing, and it is the most painful. The nose lobe is made up of cartilage, which heals differently than flesh. The uvula is the most common type of nose piercing, and nostril piercing is the most common. The forehead and eyebrow are also surface – a surface ring can be placed on the upper lip of the ear.

There are several different types of piercings. The daith is the most common, while the antitragus is the opposite. A tragus is a piercing that passes through cartilage and is the most common of all. It is the most common type of ear lobe, and it is a very painful piercing. The most popular lobe piercing is the earring.

The tragus is the largest piercing. It is usually performed on the inside of the ear. It is a popular ear lobe piercing. The daith piercing is the most common type of tragus. It is a form of cartilage that goes through the outer rim of the ear. A conch is a section of the auricle that is covered by cartilage.

A helix piercing is another type of ear lobe piercing. It sits on the top part of the ear and is made of cartilage. This type of piercing is commonly done with a small needle. Barbells are used for this type of helix ring. A forward helix auricle piercing is done through the tissue of the tongue. These types of piercings are often adorned with studs and other types of jewelry.

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